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Training Her Trainer Crystal Archer

Training Her Trainer

Crystal Archer

Published February 10th 2015
Kindle Edition
22 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Her yoga instructor Scott was the hallmark of serenity. Peaceful, ripped, and sexy as hell. But dominatrixJenny sensed that deep down inside he yearned to serve the right mistress. Making him her loyal submissive would be her greatest challenge, and to break him she would have to break his mind. The bondage of this slave would be well worth the effort. And Jenny had a plan.Expert:Her plan was going more perfectly than she could have imagined. Who knew that he had been waiting all along for the chance to serve her? If Jenny had realized that he had the potential, the desire to be her submissive, then she would have claimed him long ago. All that lost time that she could have spent training him…But he was here now, and he was willing to do as she asked. This strong body, so full of power, was ready for her to use for her pleasure, and she wasn’t about to waste any more time. She gathered the ends of the makeshift silk restraints that bound Scott’s body, and she led him forward towards her. She pulled him in close and grabbed his face with her hands, digging her nails slightly into the flesh of his cheek as she bit into his lower lip, just enough to cause his nerve endings to burn with pleasure. She ran her nails fiercely down his chest, pressing just hard enough to watch him react, testing his tolerance for pain.His reaction did not disappoint her, nor was she surprised. Anyone who had so painstaking trained their body the way that Scott had was undoubtedly accustomed to pain. There is no other way to achieve the level of sculpture that Scott had attained. And Jenny planned to use that fact to her advantage.