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Forced Out Simon Bywater

Forced Out

Simon Bywater

Kindle Edition
224 pages
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 About the Book 

This is the searingly honest story of a brave man who served his country in war and on the streets - and the appalling price he paid.Simon Bywater fulfilled his ambition to become a Royal Marine Commando by surviving a gruelling training, where mind and body were tested to the extremes.He learned jungle warfare with the aid of head-hunters in Brunei, saw a friends leg sliced off by a propeller, and saved his colleagues from tragedy by spotting that live ammunition had been substituted for blanks during an exercise.But then came the Gulf War and even more horrific experiences in Northern Iraq, such as a truck load of Kurdish guerrillas spilling its occupants one by one as it careered down a mountainside, and children bartering live mines for food.Unknowingly suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome, he joined the Greater Manchester Police, serving in crime-ridden estates where the culture of violence only added to his trauma.Even a move to the more tranquil Cambridgeshire Police failed to halt his breakdown.Simon Bywaters courage in telling all aspects of his story will undoubtedly help many others now suffering in silence and ignorance.